Blogging Guide For Beginners

Blogging for beginners can be complex and challenging to figure out how to make money blogging as a beginner. Finding success by starting a blog is often misconstrued from the launch date when you are a beginner.

For some new bloggers, assumptions for blogging business can be seen as an enigmatic challenge. It isn’t; actually, bloggers blessed with success have found the one little thing in their blogging space and have dedicated years of practice if not their entire life to become really good at what they do. That’s what successful blogging is all about.blogging for beginners

For me, a blog now is an extension of my livelihood, and I get to do it not just for the money. Instead, my motivation comes from the self-fulfilling sensation it gives me when you finally get the sweet spot like the bullseye. I mean the overlapping point between passion, interest, and need.

Doing what you love while helping others overcome daily challenges of life or small things like a laugh!
Blogging is a creative gift for anyone who dares to start a blog.

It is an extension of your creative sanity or genius. And people who start and fail at blogging have one thing in common.

If your ulterior motives are ill-placed, you will surely be frustrated long before you see any success, and this is the one only reason why many new blog startups fail at the point of entry into the blogging business.

What seems to work magic for many bloggers is when they find a mismatch that turns out to merge two imperfections into one perfect storm of a successful blog recipe.

A good example is when a blogger launches a new blog to chronicle his journey from not knowing how to blog to making really nothing and then become a success story.

That my friend is a Cinderella story out of Hollywood. Many people ask me when is the right time to start a blog.

There’s no perfect time for starting a blog if you have $25 and a desire to change your life start a blog.
This is where it gets interesting! When a newbie says I have all that, I just don’t know what to blog about as I have no experience!

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Blogging is a full circle service that allows anyone with any form of skill set to start a blog talking about the experience at their level.
As beginning bloggers, you blog stuff that takes place at a beginners level.
As an intermediate blogger, you talk about stuff at the intermediate blogging level. And when you become really good at what you do or say you have become a professional blogger, you tackle issues in the professional realm of blogging.

Really starting a blog is like a race where you get to decide the starting point.
The most money is made at the professional level of blogging. Nonetheless, blogging makes money at all levels from beginner to professional blog level.

Shortcuts to success are the one commonly made mistakes by bloggers who see the type of success other bloggers are enjoying.

So they see a successful pro blogger who has created a new course or running a profitable membership blog, so he makes it look easy, and suddenly every new blogging enthusiast thinks I can do that!

This is where ulterior motive, greed and flat out ego takes over to ignore the basics of building blocks of a business using the blogging system.

The Internet offers a vast pool of money making opportunities that require very little involvement on a day to day running of the business when you do the work upfront.

This in many cases for new bloggers involves the work done while learning new skills and using the blog as a chronical space.

A carefully thought out blogging strategy and plan, executed with well-crafted email marketing campaign can build a large and loyal customer base. The trick is to know what your customers want and how to deliver it.

This article was designed to help you find the best blogging platform, sharpen your skills when creating your blog launch and craft the most fantastic email marketing campaigns that will be effective for your business and will resonate with your customer base.

So if you want to follow along and start your blog, there are steps you can take from today, for starters, there is also plenty of plenty of blogging platforms. However, only a few best blogging platform to make money are the ones you probably would want to concentrate on. This particular post will focus on open source WordPress.

Step 1: What Will The Blog Be About?

You need to decide on what your blogs long-term goals will be to choose what to blog about. Let’s call this the middle ground between your interest and market need.

Now that you have decided what to blog about let’s move on to the next stage and look at what blogging platforms are ideal for starting your blog.

Step 2: Choose a blogging platform.

I see a lot of new bloggers conflicted over what to pick as the ideal platform to build a blog. When it comes to choosing between paid blogging platforms over paid platforms, the real choice is based on your abilities to be able to pick a platform that ticks your long-term blogging goals.
Do you want to make money?
Do you want to own your own content and monetize without restriction?
Do you want the freedom to use your content and move it at will whenever needed?
Do you want to build your brand using the blog?

Then you need to start your blog on your domain, using WordPress free cms on and not

Step 3: Find a Reliable Web hosting Provider.

I recommend Bluehost, and my recommendation for Bluehost as the best small business web hosting provider doesn’t come easily, it’s one thing I have used all my blogging life.

Normally, I wouldn’t recommend anything short of what I have personally used and still use Bluehost as the best WordPress hosting provider.

Bluehost charges start as low as $3.85 to start a blog, and you also get a free domain name registration for your blog.

However, if you fall short of their pricing, we have a perfect alternative with our reseller package which offers a relatively discounted web hosting compared to both Bluehost, Hostgator and many others.

Request your $1.50 web hosting which comes with a FREE domain name registration when you purchase the $29.99 setup fees.

Step 4: Pick a domain name.

Domain name registration becomes a little trickier for beginners; however, the one thing that has helped me and a lot of other bloggers is to consider branding and exit strategy when picking up a domain name for your blog.

Will you consider selling your business at a letter stage? Does your blog strategy include creating assets that need your blog brand name like a podcast?
If that is the case, then consider a generic domain than registering your name.

Step 5: Get started with WordPress.

Step 6: Design & use your blog